Thursday, October 16, 2008

A tribute to Uncle Bill

Uncle Bill was like a father to me. He was true and loyal to his sister Jaylene, my mom, in helping her raise her young son as a single mom. He ordained me to the Aaronic Priesthood and Melchizedek Priesthood as an Elder and High Priest. I have passed that ordination to my son as he will to his son. What a great heritage we have as member of the Price family. He was always kind to me and the only one time I remember that he got mad at me was when we were in Grandma Jonsie's back yard and he was teaching me to swing a golf club. Well I didn't listen to him and swung the club and smacked him up the side of his head and almost knocked him out. Maybe that is why to this day I still don't like to golf. But his injuries healed and he showed even increased love for me. He also loved my younger sister Marie and brother Billy and my brother Cory. Billy went fishing with him many times and has a lot of memories with Uncle Bill. My memories usually involve camping and scout camp. It was fun working up at East Fork scout camp with him in the summer. He loved his children and his wife and was an example to me on how to love and raise a family. But his love extended past his own children and to his nieces and nephews as well. Thank you Uncle Bill for helping shape me into the man I am today. Love Gary

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Welcome to the Wood family blog

This blog is for the kids, grandkids, family and friends of Robyn and Gary Wood to enjoy and keep up with the happenings at the Wood house. This picture was taken last Summer in Nauvoo on the steps of the Nauvoo Temple. The trip we took was one of the rare occasions we had all the kids and grandkids together in one place. I will post some more pictures of our exciting adventure soon, as well as a look at mom's new kitchen and our new patio cover.