Sunday, November 30, 2008

Remembering Rexburg

Megan decided she wanted to check out BYU-Idaho to see if she wanted to go to college there next year so we planned and overnight trip over Thanksgiving holiday. What a fun trip it was.

For those of you who don't know, Ricks College and Rexburg is where Robyn and Gary first met and the begining of the Wood family, so this trip was VERY SPECIAL.

As we drove from Idaho Falls the last 25 miles of the trip, we saw signs that read "BYU-Idaho" instead of "Ricks College". Wow, that seemed odd to me since this was the first time we have been to Rexburg since the college was changed to BYU-I. As we approached the city of Rexburg, we saw the familiar landscape with the Rexburg hill, but this time a new land mark was on the hill side - the new Rexburg Temple.

Megan was really excited to see the temple and be on campus. Since it was Thanksgiving holiday, nothing was opened, so we walked around the campus. Then we went out and took some pictures of familiar places. For Robyn and I it was very exciting, but for Megan she just giggled and made fun of us.

We visited my old apartment. Back then, we didn't spend too much time there because we were always at the library or playing raquetball or hanging out at Robyn's apartment #18 Sunrise Village.

This is #18 Sunrise Village. Back in 1980 it was women housing, but now it is mens housing. After spending hours together at the library where we were studying (hehe), the library would close and we would go back to Robyn's apartment until I would be escorted off the property by Raouel- security guard for Sunrise.

This is the location of our first home. It was a trailor park and our trailor was right where the front of the new housing complex for young women is located.

Here are some other pictures from BYU-I including the new conference center under construction.

We were in Rexburg in April 1996. Henry and Becky and their kids Brian, Joelle and David and Robyn and I with Missy, Nathan, Mallory and Megan all went to Rexburg to see Henry get inducted into the Ricks College Hall of Fame. Henry and Becky also met at Ricks so for both families it is a very special place.